Radio Measuring Carriage


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Sometimes it is difficult to carry out troubleshooting in a complex radio system of public transport. There are many ways of causing a malfunction of the overall system, for example, in sending or receiving R09 telegrams to pre-empt traffic lights or in determining the operating distance within the radio system.

We can come and visit you with our mobile measuring car determining manufacturer-independent results regarding the actual conditions.

Even though you temporarily need a mobile transmitter mast for a radio station, we are your partner. Masts with a height between 20, 25 and 30 meters are available, mounted on trailers or on the measuring car. 

  • A fully equipped high frequency laboratory on wheels
  • Comprehensive diagnostic tools for evaluating
    R09.xx telegrams on the air interface
  • Independent operation by using a 3 kW power unit
  • A 20 meter mast mounted on the outside of the car





Our mobile high frequency laboratory is fully air-conditioned and equipped with all measuring instruments necessary for executing a status quo analysis with the required documentation. The internals inside the car have been modularly designed so that you can vary the equipment depending on the intended use.

The vehicle is fitted with 3 workplaces. These are equipped with: 

  • 3 radio communications test sets up to 2 GHz
  • 2 spectrum analyzer up to 2 GHz
  • 2 workstations
  • 2 test & direction-finding receivers
  • Various radio sets in the 4m-, 2m- and 70cm-band. The vehicle also incorporates a shortwave station
  • A 20m pneumatics mast mounted on the outside of the vehicle
  • A 3 kW power unit mounted at the vehicle
  • A vehicle air-conditioning system


With that vehicle equipped as a mobile high frequency laboratory, we are in a position to face up to any practical problems that arise in a flexible manner. Starting with analyzing R09 telegrams, distribution planning, carrying out radio coverage through Federal Network Agency compliant adjustments of your radio systems, up to customizing our radio installations to your needs.  

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