Our Favorite for traffic light quality assessment

The urbic® system with interface to the ORIT® LISBETH-LSA19"

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Do you use R09.xx telegrams for public transport acceleration on traffic signal systems (TLS) and would you like to know if and how this works? Are all the reporting points sent correctly and received completely by the telegram analysis units?

urbic® offers you:

  • MORE QUALITY - automatic and continuous analysis of loss times as well as fast identification of critical TLS!
  • MORE Control - permanent monitoring of your hardware components!
  • MORE Transparency - effective visualization of analysis results for decision-makers!
  • MORE Reliability for your passengers!

urbic® was developed by leading traffic technology experts and is your solution for public transport quality management at TLS.

With the interface to the ORIT® telegram processing unit LISBETH LSA 19", the R09 telegrams can also be monitored and evaluated in urbic® independently of an existing TLS.

urbic® is a product in collaboration of:


MORE information can be found at https://urbic-system.com

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