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MERETEC Technologies GmbH
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1998 – Founding of Meretec Technology GmbH

2000 – Meretec increasingly established itself in the area of public transport

2002 – Meretec obtains the quality certificate according to the ISO 9001 Standard

2004 – Certified by the KBA (The German Federal Department of Motor Vehicles)

2005 – Move into new company buildings

2008 – Initiation of ORIT a brand of Meretec

2009 – Beginning of the development partnership with ICOM Europe 

2010 & 2011 – Implementation of more than 1.000 public transport system radios on basis of the ICOM IC-F5062

2012 – Accredited application and system partner of Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH

2014 – Development of telemetry solutions via DMR for energy providers and transport

2015 – The first DMR TIER III system radio with an integrated traffic light priority system based on the Hytera MD785 mobile radio

2017 - First applications for TETRA radio

ORIT® - a brand of MERETEC Technologies GmbH

ORIT® is a German pioneer and innovator of aligned communication and analysis productions for the public transport and a specialist for professional mobile radio (PMR) solutions of any standards.

We are in the position to enable a smart migration referring to the future, made able by an extensive compatibility for numerous analog radio systems of different manufacturers and interfaces. Also, with view to digital radio systems, which are based on the international ETSI standard. Whether updating the existing systems or changing from analog to digital, ORIT® stands for products that bring you forward.    

Economically priced modification and utilization of the latest-technology systems does not mean a conflict for us - ORIT® offers for digital radio systems a real alternative to all solutions based on GSM. Regarding the public transport we offer alternative solutions compatible with the system radios Bosch MR11, Siemens FMK und AEG Telecar 9/ -10 that has already been discontinued.

Individualized customizations are granted for ORIT®. The digital ORIT radio systems offer numerous serial interfaces and in addition R09-telegrams for traffic light preemption can be sent by our digital radio systems (analog traffic light radio).

Whether controlling the ITCS of the public transport, or optimizing the communication within the vehicle, as far as monitoring and managing the passenger information systems, ORIT® offers numerous solutions for transit operators and associations.

For energy provider, public services, waste disposal departments and public cleaning operations, as well as industrial clients we offer telematics & telemetric solutions via DMR radio, with the advantage that the use of expensive GSM connections becomes superfluous. 

Therefore customers will profit significantly in terms of planning, implementation and energy costs, and also the maintenance and preservation of their existing infrastructure.

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