• GESA – With PriORITy through the traffic!

    Smart acceleration of rescue and public transport vehicles with GESApp

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  • Smart radio analysis

    Whether R09.xx data radios have to be tested at a traffic light system, or it has to be checked whether vehicles actually sends the right telegram, the mobile use of MARTAplus supports your staff to analyse the VDV telegrams of public transport quickly and anywhere.

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  • LISBETH TAE-2 - The Favorite with minimum set up effort

    LISBETH TAE-2 - The compact R09.xx processing unit with integrated radio receiver

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  • HYDI - The Favorite for an IP Dispatcher

    IP based DMR Dispatcher & Control station for Hytera

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  • KARLA III - with Priority through the traffic!

    KARLA III - small as a box of hankies - powerful as an all-rounder!

    KARLA III - R09.xx telegram transmitter for public transport

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  • DORAplus - Hytera dispatch Terminal

    The FavORITe of every radio user!

    Remote desktop terminal for Hytera radios 

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  • RADio Alarm Manager - the Favorite in each DMR Network

    Monitor and analyse emergency calls or Lone Worker of radios, remote switching, warning divide and status signal, safe operate of photovoltaic, pumps, gates, etc.
    - the RADio Alarm Manger offers a cross-system integration in your DMR network.

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  • Munich trust upon the Favorite ILSE - The Radio Box

    "The task, to meet and certify in addition to the E1 approval the railway standard (EN 50155 / EN 50121-3-2: 2006 / DIN 5510-2:2009-05), was successfully implemented by ORIT®. Thus we only need one device that is used in all our buses and trams." - Kurt Stern, head of traffic telematics - Stadtwerke München GmbH

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  • Your key for a progressive signal system

    Control of transmission systems for the public transport, sending R09 telegrams for traffic light preemption (analog data radio), optimization of in-vehicle communications, up to the supervision and control of passenger information systems, ORIT® offers a variety of solutions for transport authorities.

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  • Üstra's Favorite is ILSE

    "ILSE- The Radio Box from ORIT offers us a future-proof concept for our communication needs. The installation of the first 100 units in the summer of 2011 went smoothly and our staff is able to utilize the latest technology of the new devices without costly trainings..." - Dietmar Kauth, Contact: Communications Engineering/Control Systems - üstra

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  • Voice- & data radio for the public transport - Analog radio is alive!

    Analog PMR is confident in the future of public transport, as a professional form of communication. Investment protection with ILSE  the radio family - ORIT® offers the system radios already pre-equipped for the digital radio.

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  • Padersprinter uses our Favorite

    "Thanks to the ORIT® device we can react flexibly and quickly within our driving mode to faults and failures of the older radios. Due to the possibility of upgrading the equipment to digital radio future-secure communication is guaranteed for us and at the same time high protection of our investment is given. "- Bernhard Hengsbach, Head of Technology

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    DMR Application

    Together with Hytera DMR radio, new markets and solutions arise: voice and data radio as a viable alternative to GSM-based data transmission. Only one infrastructure for voice radio, telematics and telemetry is needed!

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    Whether analog or digital radio, influencing LSA, compatible with AEG Telecar, BOSCH MR11, Siemens FMK, etc. - The radio solutions and special system transceivers for public transport of ORIT® offer individual and versatile functions.

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    R09 Telegrams

    Send & receive R09.xx telegrams according to VDV or analyze in case of malfunctions. Retrofit radio receivers for acceleration of the public transport in traffic light systems or equip new buses & trams with R09 telegram transmitters.

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    Data modem

    Serial & IP interfaces via radio offer tremendous opportunities in the telecontrol and telemetry sectors. Depending on the application radio standards such as DMR, dPMR or own 4FSK transfer offer different advantages.

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