Integrating the analogue radio into a TETRA system

TETRA radio is the communication standard for various municipal utilities and public transport services. The high security of a TETRA system on the one side complicates on the other side a quick integration of new participants in the system as well as it is more difficult to provide new devices. Particularly at big events or in an emergency response, often third-party contractors and service providers are on duty, which use analogue radio devices. The analogue radio- TETRA coupler ANDREA provides you with the optimal solution by transmitting the analogue radio conversations to a defined TETRA group and vice versa.

Using several ANDREA couplers is the challenge!

When incorporating multiple ANDREA couplers in the TETRA network, pendency of criteria prevents them from jamming with each other. This situation occurs particularly during big events or for the public transport services, where e.g. different coach operators are deployed for regular services or special tours.

  • Pairing of TETRA and analogue radio
  • Integrated TETRA and analogue radio device
  • Optional temperature monitoring with regulation for switch cabinet heating
  • Optional sabotage contact and alerting via SDS
  • Integrated battery
  • Possibility to use several couplers
  • Intelligent control bans the couplers from each other
  • Monitoring of analogue radio devices among themselves
  • Status updates and alerting about malfunctions and disturbances

ANDREA Warning Device and Status Signal

The intelligent control enables a variety of additional possibilities. Optionally you can link a temperature monitoring and - regulation as well as a sabotage and theft contact. The alerting is made via SDS to defined participants and can be further linked through a spare contact with an acoustical or optical signal generator. All settings and parameter can be adjusted via the integrated web server. When sending alarm- and status updates of ANDREA to the optionally available RADio TETRA SDS manager, this enables a complex alarm management.

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