Intermediate Storage for all IBIS-Data

The DyFiMotive Controller - DMC – makes sure that also during the boot phase of your board computer you are able to communicate with the IBIS carriage bus without loss. Otherwise during the boot phase of your board computer you can lose important data already being sent on the call bus. Possibly a lot of time passes by until your board computer can currently receive all important data, for example in order to include route information for your passengers.

The DMC does not need a start-up phase and soon it is switched on the DMC is ready. Once your board computer is booted, call the DMC and everything that has been received up to that point shall be communicated. Also the transmission on the response bus will be managed by the DMC. Simply enter the data to the DMC and the data is streamed in the right format (1200,7,0,2). In addition, the DMC is featured with 5 optically separated inputs, whose condition you can query, and 2 outputs, that you can switch on and off over commands. The DMC comes with 64kb of internal memory. This memory is sufficient for 10 minutes of data buffering when the utilization of the car bus is 100 percent.

  • Buffering of sent IBIS-data on the call bus
  • Loss-free buffering of IBIS-data while your 
    board computer is starting
  • Storage capacity of at least 10 minutes 
    Passenger information systems immediately
  • provide up-to-date information
  • 5 optically separated inputs
    (e.g. Vehicle Stopping)



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