Integrated touch screen display and connection for optional accessories

A remote desktop terminal is indispensable for many radio users. On one hand the place of installation of the radios is often not possible at the workplace and on the other hand an operator should not be able to access any setting possibilities of the radios. Especially in very voice active radio environments (for example at events and events), there are additional demands to the system which cannot be satisfied with a conventional radio. A combination or networking of DORAplus with our telemetry products enables revolutionary solutions in DMR radio.

Usability comes first!

The special feature of DORAplus is the innovative menu structure and intuitive usability via the touchscreen display in combination with the keypad and the multi-PTT buttons. Especially the multi-PTT buttons allow to switch between different call destinations and working groups extremely fast. These are displayed with freely definable colors in the display. All incoming and outgoing calls are visualized with logical icons including the call subscriber / destinations (radio ID and radio alias), so that the handling of DORAplus becomes child-friendly.

In the address book menu you can sort by radio ID or name (radio alias). The direct selection of letters via the keypad facilitates quick access to the desired participant. Alternatively, the destination address can also be entered directly via the numeric keys of the keypad. DORAplus encrypts the participant's name if it is stored in the address book. The volume can be adjusted individually as well as the brightness of the background lighting by the user. The current zone and the selected channel are displayed continuously and can be changed with simple commands. DORAplus automatically detects which Hytera radio is connected. The four touch function buttons F1-F4 emulate different buttons depending on the device type, which can be programmed directly in the CPS with the known functions.

DORAplus Adress Book Upload Software

Easily export your address book from the Hytera CPS and import it into the DORAplusAB** software. Here you can also specify which call destinations are stored on the multi-PTT buttons and in which color they are displayed on the screen. Also an individual name for DORAplus can be defined via this software and will than displayed in the header of the display.

  • Address book import from Hytera CPS
  • Displays Radio ID and Alias
  • Multi PTT defined by address book
  • Supports group-, individual-, alert- and allcall
  • Function buttons defined by Hytera CPS
  • Keypad to enter e.g. the Radio ID or individual calls
  • Connector for foot switch PTT and Headset

DORAplus Extender

No matter if for receiving or RF interference reasons, the radio must be installed at a different location, the optional DORAplus extender is the favORITe solution! The "Remote desktop terminal" reaches now a new dimension: Up to 300m can be realized between radio and DORAplus. Commercially available twisted pair cables can be used as a 1: 1 connection or alternatively the building infrastructure via appropriate patch panels.

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