You simply want to equip vehicles for traffic signal priority system control?

…this is easily possible with the GESApp. Vehicles without own on-board computers can easily integrated into the traffic signal priority control. In particular, rescue vehicles, external bus companies or historic vehicles now have the option of influencing the convenience of traffic lights and thus increasing efficiency at short notice. For the GESApp, an Android or Windows device (tablet or smartphone) is required for mobile viewing and operation and must be coupled for example to our "KARLA III R09.xx telegram transmitter" via a Bluetooth interface.

The associated desktop software "GESA-Server" is used to parameterize the system. With a simple Mouse click on an OpenStreetMap map you can set the virtual beacons with the reporting points at which the telegrams for traffic light influence have to be transmitted. Once the route with the defined reporting points has been created, the GESApp will synchronize all settings of the route via the shared network.

The defined journey can now begin with the mobile GESApp. As soon as the current location of the smartphone / tablet has reached the GPS coordinate of a reporting point, the corresponding telegram will be send out via the connected R09.xx transmission system. Particularly intelligent telegrams can, for example, switch all directions red but the existing traffic line green for these emergency operations. This also makes the Blue light driving less dangerous in the otherwise crossing traffic!

  • Simple retrofit the traffic light priority control
  • Support of mobile Android & Windows devices with GPS reception & BT interface
  • Public transport route-dependent and emergency vehicles route-independent configuration
  • Windows software for the parameterization & configuration of the lines and MP in OpenStreetMap map
  • Compatible with all ORIT R09.xx transmission systems (KARLA III recommended
  • Suitable for buses, trams, rescue vehicles such as fire brigades and ambulances as well as service vehicles
  • Independent operation of an on-board computer
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