IBIS Carriage Bus Sniffer

In public transport vehicles the communication of electronic devices normally takes place via the IBIS carriage bus. IBO provides the possibility to “listen” to the data traffic taking part on the bus and if required, to transmit data. 

IBO is the interface between the IBIS call and response bus and an USB port (PC, Laptop, etc.). Displayed by nine LEDs you can see the IBIS and device status at a glance. Once the driver installation is finished your PC includes two virtual serial interfaces – one for the response bus and one for the call bus. In conjunction with the analysis tool software IBO provides a convenient way of receiving and displaying IBIS data telegrams. 

Due to the possibility that freely definable telegrams can be actively sent by a master reactions of the connected periphery are immediately indicated. Already received telegrams can be simply transferred, changed and transmitted. 

  • Receiving IBIS Data
  • Switch-in Transmitting
  • Optically Separated Inputs for the
    IBIS call and response bus
  • Ease to use
  • Solid and Robust Aluminium Housing
  • Visual Status Display



IWA – The Software Analysis Tool - Accessories

IWA is a comfortable analysis tool providing a user interface that is intuitive to use for an efficient deciphering of the recorded individual telegrams. The recorded telegrams can be printed and exported to Excel. Further on you can scroll through the recorded data and search for the requested information. The displayed telegrams can be enriched with custom comments. The transmission module allows an arbitrary definition of individual telegrams or telegram sequences.

Already received telegrams can also be transferred into the transmission module and customized if requested. To keep the display clear, filters can be defined to make the essential information rapidly available to the user based on the received telegrams. These filters are used to reduce the table view to the most interesting telegrams, while still receiving all telegrams, only their display is suppressed. One significant function of the IBIS carriage bus is to send telegrams, which control the displays of public transport vehicles.

The analysis tool allows you to simulate displays for both interior and exterior displays, as well as for lines and destinations.

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