The option board for ICOM radios

ICOM radios of the 5062 and 3062 series as well as the UHF variations innately provide a wide range of performances. The option of using these radios in different ways, for example operating digital radio in accordance with established ETSI standards on one or several channels by operating analog radio on another channel at the same time, makes this device very interesting for public transport.

The option board developed by ORIT expands the device’s range of function by the IBIS carriage bus as well as an additional interface. The integrated FFSK Modem enables R09.xx radio telegrams according to VDV as well as a digital identification (taxi identification) according to Bosch and ZVEI-digital to be transmitted and received. Many other functions and customer requirements are available due to the presence of 14 contacts that can be configured either as an input or as an output.

The option board is implemented into the radio. The firmware is adjusted according to the customer requirements.

  • Serial communications with the ICOM radio
  • Serial communications with a data terminal
  • 14 (!) Inputs or Outputs
  • FFSK transmission and reception
  • IBIS call bus - listen in (public transport)



Everything falls into place

In order to meet the challenges of public transport as well as of the logistics services we continuously develop products that form a homogeneous portfolio. The GPS module for the ICOM radio, the so called option board, the data terminal and also the customized firmware ensure that all aspects of your requirements are confidently met by us.

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