• Digital system radio for public transport services

    TETRA radio becomes more and more important in public transport as a professional way of communication. A kind of guarantee referring investment with the ORIT® family of radios - We also offer system radios with optionally integrated R09.xx telegram transmitter or analogue short-range radio.

System radio for public transport services

ILSE - The radio box - TETRA is a 19 '' cassette and enables voice and data radio operation via TETRA. Particular attention was paid to the mechanical and thermal requirements, which is much higher in the sector of public transport services than in other application areas. It is designed for installation in vehicles and configured in the factory so that normal operation is not necessary.

In normal operation, ILSE - The radio box - TETRA is controlled by the on-board computer via the PEI interface. As long as the on-board computer is booting or if there is a fault, the built-in fallback controller of ILSE - The radio box - TETRA takes over the control of the integrated radio. Thus, it is possible even without a ready on-board computer to make a call or trigger a hidden alarm.

Of course, individual customer requirements, changes and integrations in already existing work environments are practicable.

In addition to the required type approval by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrtbundesamt) (ECE-R10), "ILSE - The Radio Box - TETRA" from ORIT also complies with the Railway Standard (EN 50155, EN 50121-3-2, EN 61373) and the required fire protection standard (EN 45545-2 ) and has provided evidence through an accredited testing laboratory.

  • Based on the Sepura SRG3900 mobile radio and is able to communicate with almost every onboard computer in the public transportation
  • Voice and radio data transmission
  • IBIS interface (RX&TX)
  • Optional integrated analogue R09-xx telegram transmitter
  • Customer-specific functions for fallback operation
  • Use of existing vehicle cabling through individual backplane
  • I/Os and interfaces for special functions
  • Certified for buses and trams
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