In Public Transportation analog private mobile radio will be indispensable in the future - it seems like THE professional form of communication. A kind of guarantee referring investment with ILSE and its radio product family - ORIT® is in the position to offer the system radio already set up preliminarily for the digital radio    

System transceiver for public transport services

The ORIT® system radios „ILSE – The Radio Box“ and „ILSE – The Radio Cassette 3” has been designed for voice & data radio transmission for public transport services, compatible with AEG Telecar 9/-10, Bosch MR11 as well as with Siemens FMK.

Particular attention was paid to the mechanical and thermal requirements, which is much higher in the sector of public transport services than in other application areas. Whether you want to implement pure voice radio (analog or also digital) or additional data transmission (ITCS, R09 telegrams, optional NEMO), ILSE – The Radio Box offers you the perfect solution, which is correspondingly growing up with you and your requirements.

ILSE – The Radio Box directly receives the information about the transmitted R09 telegram directly from the on-board computer. Thus, the seemingly largest source of error in sending the R09 telegram is eradicated: the connection between on-board computer and radio - which was previously analog and only be successful if a number of conditions have been complied with. There is of course a classic NF interface with a 4bit channel switch-over available as well. The status display rapidly provides all information regarding the operating conditions to the technician.

Of course, individual customer requirements, changes and integrations in already existing work environments are practicable.

ILSE - The Radio Box is available with optionally an integrated IBIS Carriage BUS and an integrated GPS-receiver. Furthermore, the possibility for a distance pulse or a door criterion connection is given.

Besides the required type approval via the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrtbundesamt) (ECE-R10), ILSE – The Radio Box is the only system radio device (analog/digital) for public transport services that meets the railway standard (EN 50155 / EN 50121-3-2:2006/ DIN 5510-2:2009-05), proofed by an accredited test laboratory.

Die Varianten

  • Transmission and reception of VDV telegrams
  • IBIS interface (RX&TX)
  • Voice and data radio
  • 4 Bit channel switch-over

*Customer-specific modifications might be required.

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