• Use your existing infrastructure

    Traffic signal pre-emption with R09.xx radio telegrams

The Data Radio for Public Transport Services

Even in times everybody is talking about digital radio private mobile radio is essential to pre-empt traffic lights. The light signal systems are often operated by the communities, who cannot or do not want to modify the infrastructure of the systems. Against this background ILSE- the radio cassette 3 has been specifically adjusted to the requirements of public transport services.

Regarding the telegram to be sent ILSE - The Radio Cassette 3 either receives the information serially directly from the board computer or conventionally via the 4- or 5-bit channel interface and the 100mV NF interface. According to the VDV guidelines the telegram is provided with a checksum and will be transmitted via the built-in FFSK modem. The flexible hard- and software makes the adaption of any board computer possible.

ILSE - The Radio Cassette 3 offers the perfect solution when transmission operations are focused (traffic light pre-emption). Indicated by 10 LEDs the system status is always readable. Customized transmission frequencies / transmission power can be individually adjusted.

  • Transmission of R09 radio telegrams as per VDV (e.g. traffic light pre-emption) 
  • RS232 interface
  • RS485 and USB interface (optional)
  • Voltage range 12 – 30 Volt
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