The AEG TELECAR Adapter for ICOM

In many public transport companies radios like AEG Telecar 9 and - Telecar 10 are still used even though they have been discontinued by the supplier for a long time. Radios as a replacement were previously difficult to use due to the fact that Telecar devices provide many specific features which are usual for public transport. For this reason we developed IRIS, a special adapter. This adapter meets several functions and tasks: first, to convert the incoming connector of the Telecar radio to the ICOM radio by providing pin compatibility and second, all required sequence controls and two “Push-To-Transmit” switches etc. are realized by an integrated processor. Once the adapter and the ICOM F5062 have been successfully connected this is how you can replace the discontinued radio without having to modify the existing on-board wiring.

  • Analog voice transmission for “old” radio channels
  • Digital voice transmission for “new” radio channels
  • Analog radio for traffic signal pre-emption
  • Digital radio for data communications



*Customer-specific modifications might be required.

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