Modular Radio Receiver & Processing Unit for R09.xx telegrams

LISBETH LSA 19 is a modular R09.xx telegram processing unit for receiving of R09.xx radio telegrams, their analysis and processing and the resulting control of TLS systems for public transport.

The system consists of two main units, LISBETH LSA19 (a processing unit with an analogue radio receiver) and PS 12-5 (power supply) and can be supplemented both individually and modularly with the following units:

- Rel 16 (16 floating relays)
- Remote 3G (UMTS remote configuration)
- Communication Interface-LAN (IP remote configuration)
- INPUT-16 (16 optically separated inputs)

The freely programmable and isolated relay outputs allow flexible, diverse and convenient use of demand and control tasks. Furthermore three additional Rel 16 modules can be integrated and the number of disposable relay outputs can be increased if needed.

LISBETH LSA 19 receives R09.xx telegrams sent according to VDV, decodes and allocates them to the isolated relay outputs incorporated in the Rel 16 module. Using the provided configuration software, it is possible to parameterize all relay outputs. Numerous links as well as the exception of switching items are also programmable.

With the built-in display you are informed about the set frequency, the reporting points and the field strength at all time. LISBETH LSA 19 is therefore perfectly adapted for a cost-effective furnishing or upgrading of traffic signals in order to accelerate the public transport.

Public transport quality management: With the interface to the telegram processing unit LISBETH LSA 19", the R09 telegrams can also be monitored and evaluated independently of an existing TLS in urbic®, where the LISBETH LSA 19" is simply used as a data concentrator.

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  • Control of complex demands
  • Up to 64 potential-free relay outputs
  • Configuration via notebook
  • Historical memory for almost 100.000 telegrams
  • Integrated radio receiver
  • Configuration and analysis via Remote Access 3G*
  • Power supply 12-/24V DC or 100-240V AC
  • Communication Interface LAN
  • Interface to urbic® quality management


*A GSM card agreement with high data volume and a driver software of third party suppliers is required.  

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