Radio Receiver for Data Telegrams

LISBETH RS232 consists of an integrated 2 meter-band receiver, which receives telegrams sent via the air interface according to VDV and a processor unit, which decodes the received telegrams.

The type of telegram, the reporting point and the selected frequency are presented on the 2-line display. The decoded telegrams are available at the serial interface for further processing.

In this way LISBETH RS232 is best equipped to perform all applications requiring the decoded VDV-telegram at the serial interface. The serial interface is provided as a RS232 connector. Optional a connection via LAN is possible (LISBETH RS232plus), as a communications interface LAN to (remote) configure and activate control units for traffic light systems.

Fields of application are, for example, the incorporation in a control unit for traffic light systems, also the use of the telegram by external systems for e.g. ITCS and DFI. With an additional Software the system can be used as well as a telegram monitor.

  • Serial output of radio R09-telegrams
  • Control via RS232
  • Integrated radio receiver
  • Channel switchover per software
  • Determination of field strength (option)
  • Communication interface LAN (option)



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