The compact R09.xx telegram processing unit with radio receiver

With LISBETH TAE-2 you get a very compact public transport telegram processing unit, which can be used to influence traffic signal priority systems or to control any other complex controlling and timing requirements with R09.xx telegrams. For example, to control barriers, bollards, gates or any other system. Freely programmable floating relay outputs allow flexible, versatile and comfortable use in the field of demand and control tasks.

The LISBETH TAE-2 is a complete R09.xx telegram processing unit with an integrated VHF or alternatively UHF radio receiver. It receives the telegrams sent via the air interface according to VDV and the processor unit decodes the received telegrams and allocates them to the relay outputs.
The UHF variant already dominates both the future 12.5kHz as well as the current 20kHz channel spacing in the entire VHF band.

Two floating relay contacts are available, which can be switched depending on the telegram. Further output options are available on request.
LISBETH TAE-2 is therefore perfectly adapted for a cost-effectively upgrade of traffic signals in order to accelerate the public transport or any other control systems with R09.xx telegrams.

  • Floating relays / open collector
  • Integrated radio receiver
  • Configuration via notebook
  • Control of complex demands
  • UHF: 430 - 470MHz
  • VHF: 136 - 174MHz
  • Channel spacing: 12,5kHz, 20KHz und 25kHz 



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