Mobile Telegram Transmission System

MOTESY is a highly integrated mobile telegram transmission system for public transport services. MOTESY represents a complex processor board and an integrated radio data modem – all within a small chassis.

MOTESY is being used, for example:

To generate VDV-telegrams via the serial interface, here always in focus: the mobile R09.xx telegram transmission for analyzing.

For project-specific system solutions regarding the VDV R09 requirements due to flexible hardware and software.

  • Transmission of R09 telegrams
  • Text display
  • Compliance: CE, E1
  • Robust aluminum chassis 



The Software MARTA-TX

Once the infrastructure for transmitting radio telegrams is in place many technical implementations are controlled via dispatched telegrams. Common examples of application are traffic light systems subjected to control depending on traffic, as well as dynamic passenger information, transfer gates, barriers, garage doors, displays for connections, and much more – they all respond to radio telegrams. In order to check the operation of those installations radio telegrams must be created. But the creation of telegrams by buses and trams during operation can be achieved only at great expenses and with great complexity. Nowadays the procedure of using a vehicle of public transport to check the functionality of technical installations is no longer acceptable from the economic point of view. And due to technical reasons such a procedure is almost impossible if not only a single telegram is needed but a sequence, dispatched in a certain order.   

The Software MRATA-TX allows users to send individual, predefined telegrams or entire sequences from one location or while the vehicle is running, in order to examine the correct functioning of the radio telegram equipment. In the time-controlled mode the freely definable telegrams are compiled in scenarios. The time interval of every telegram can be coordinated one by one. The process can be controlled using the functions ‘Start’, ‘Pause’, ‘Stop’. A single-step mode is possible.

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