Universal data-capturing

PETRA is a unique data-capturing device, which is able to gather and transmit, simply and cost efficient, all types of signal and data right out of the vehicles. Various data sources can be adopted from analog technology to digital e.g. serial connections, IBIS, CAN-Bus or any other sources. Transmissions can be triggered Event- Time- or Location-based. Those transmissions can either be combined or exclusively made.

The transmission of the data is based on Hytera DMR Radio Devices and can be send on a separate time slot, so the existing infrastructure can be used for both: voice radio and radio data. Therefore no additional fees will apply.

The storage of all transmitted data will be made to fit the customers needs. Also different analysis of, e.g. swept or defrosted street-miles, emptied trash cans or bulky waste disposal, fuel consumption or service mileage, can be exactly displayed. That means the documentation and billing can be widely simplified and the daily business optimized.

Data transmission can either be placed on first or second timeslot or even another separate frequency, regarding to fleet-size and telegram-length. 


Enhancements and adjustments are custom made and tailored to the specific needs and requirements.


Data Transmission via DMR is also possible on the Speech Time Slot. An additional frequency is recommended with extensive projects. The storage of the database is done according to customers specifications. Integration in the existing radio architecture is possible. 

  • Universal data acquisition: Digital, Analog, CAN-Bus, Serial, IBIS, GPS
  • Storage of all transmitted data in SQL database
  • Data analysis based on customers needs
  • Data transmission via DMR in radio network
  • No additional connection fees



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