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Remote Switching, Warning Device and Status Signal via DMR

DMR is mostly used by the clients for emergency operations or pure voice radio. But at the same time DMR offers something special, which can be used for both: the existing infrastructure and a saving potential accomplished by solutions, which normally are achievable only with enormous investments when using conventional technology. 

Data Transmission on the 2nd Time Slot! 

All 30ms speech and data are alternately transferred at the same frequency. This means, while using the voice radio on the first time slot the data transmission can be taking place on the second time slot without any interference regarding the communication on the first time slot. In comparison to other solutions the specific advantage is obvious as many applications of GPRS, UMTS or LTE connections and also the monthly fees which accrue become superfluous. Therefore the operating costs can be reduced at the locations of the company. Furthermore many locations often can not be incorporated as they are located outside of the operating range of all network providers so from the economic point of view a dedicated lane specially installed no longer can be argued, but often this is the only solution.

What was missed up to now and why radio add value for the supervisory control technology! 

Network providers focus on high data traffic available in real time and also on sophisticated visualizations to retain customers to the provider’s infrastructure and rates. But what kind of information are required: We do not observe production lines or big power stations but a range of photo- voltaics, water-level reporters, pumping plants, small blocktype thermal power stations, wind power plants, fault indicators, ... - a few of deterministic data points which need to be transmitted. 

  • Integration in existing infrastructure
  • No restriction of voice radio
  • Modular scalable
  • Password Protection 
  • Multiple switching options per message
  • Individual and temporal definition per switching status possible
  • Optional DMR TIER III Trunking 

Remote Switching

Defined short messages enable direct switching by a Hytera portable radio. Pre defined “text messages” switching commands can be realized by using a portable/mobile radio.

Because of so many possible applications more than one application can be realized in every radio environmeant. 

  • Barrier and gate controls
  • Switching of floodlighting and street lighting
  • Acoustic & optical alarm
  • Control pumping and lifting stations
  • Connection and disconnection of PV systems 


Warning Device and Status Signal

Via the RADio Alarm Manager a defined short message will be sent to groups or single participants of mobile radio in case of a changing status of an input. 

Monitoring emergency calls or Lone Worker offers new possibilities in your DMR network: 

In case of emergency the RADio Alarm Manger is able to switch up to 8 independent outputs - no matter if permanently or for a defined time. The connection to alarm or intercom systems enables the implementation of various emergency plans.

  • Monitoring of lone worker and emergency calls
  • Transmit alarms and fault messages
  • Intercom with defined text messages (e.g. facility management)
  • Monitoring of stream stage or flood basins
  • Monitoring analog data with RADio SLAVE I/O II
  • Forwarding of door contacts or bells 
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