Remote Switching, Warning - and Status Signal via TETRA

Many costumers use the TETRA radio purely for Voice Radio. However, TETRA offers much more than that. It provides a lot of potential for savings for the operator by means of multiple time slots and the control channel. Using an existing infrastructure, solutions are possible which are only feasible by immense additional investment implementing them with conventional technologies.

SDS for Data Transmission and Remote Switching!

While Voice Radio takes place on one time slot, you can implement Data Radio without disturbance of the communication at the same time. The particular advantage opposed to different solutions is obvious. In many applications it spares the usage of GPRS, UMTS or LTE connections, which causes monthly extra costs and often makes up a huge part of the operational costs especially if operating at many several locations. Additionally, locations often cannot be integrated as they were located beyond the range of network operators. A specifically laid leased line is economically not reasonable, but often the only solution. Even though only a few state values have to be transmitted in most cases

The RADio TETRA SDS manager offers a variety of possible applications. The integrated temperature monitoring, by means of an additionally connected temperature transmitter and a PT100 temperature sensor, even allows a circuit regulation. Further, threshold values for alerting or notification can be defined and sent as freely defined messages to selected participants via SDS. Conversely, you can operate the outputs of the Radio TETRA SDS manager by means of password secured SDS messages from every TETRA radio device or dispatcher in the network. All settings and parameter can be adjusted via an integrated web server.

  • Integration in existing infrastructure
  • No restriction of Voice Radio
  • Modularly scalable
  • Password Protection
  • Multiple switching options per message
  • Individual and temporal definition per switching status possible
  • Optional with temperature monitoring 

Remote Switching & Regulation

Defined short messages enable direct switching by a TETRA radio device. Different SDS messages can regulate the state of one of the eight outputs either permanently or for a defined period of time. A special message even allows the selection of all eight outputs with only one command – respectively with individually defined states and time intervals. Additionally, the integrated temperature monitoring with hysteresis allows usage for regulation and thereby dependent switching operations. All together the possible applications are diverse, so that more than one application can be feasible within every radio environment.

  • Barriers and gate control
  • Switching of floodlights or street lights
  • Regulation of switchboard heating systems etc.
  • Acoustical and optical alerting
  • Control of pump- and lifting stations
  • Disconnecting or connecting of PV systesm

Warning Device and Status Signal Messenger

With alteration of the state of an input a defined short message will be sent to groups or single participants of mobile radio via the RADio TETRA SDS manager. In that process it is possible to assign several participants to the same input as recipients of messages. Moreover, every input is high- and low active and the integrated temperature monitoring enables alerting via a SDS upon all kinds of events. The linkage to alarm- or intercom systems further enables the realization of various emergency action plans.

  • Transmits alarms and fault messages
  • Temperature monitoring and regulation via hysteresis
  • Intercom with defined text messages (e.g. facility management)
  • Monitoring of stream stage or flood basins
  • Forwarding of door contacts or bells
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