Create a radio coverage anytime without usage of measurement trips!

Investigate the quality of your infrastructure radio coverage without costly measurement trips. The SiteSurveyIP 4Hytera software communicates with a Hytera repeater and can thereby analyse data from all active radio participants almost simultaneously. The existing network participants transmit RSSI data with GPS reference to the application. Remote activation is available via the software, thereby enabling to activate radio devices via the air interface instead of parameterizing every single radio on its own.

Quality documentation solely by active DMR network participants

The application will be installed on a computer that is integrated in the IP network of the repeater. All incoming messages will be written into the database. By means of continuously recording movement data the graphic quality evaluation is made. All participants in the DMR repeater network can transmit data, provided they are enabled for this purpose. Likewise, it is possible to analyse data selectively, e.g. it is indicated if one participant consistently provides poorer reception values - thereby simplifying an error analysis.

  • No costly measurement trips necessary for quality evaluation
  • No manual parameterizing of radio devices necessary
  • Activation of GPS & RSSI data via the radio interface
  • Logging data of all participants in the IP network
  • Analysis of selected or all network participants
  • Graphic and coloured evaluation in Google Maps


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