• The Stationary ROIP

    Together with the central operating unit, all participants can communicate!

Stationary RoIP

The existing fixed connections are discontinued by German Telekom. In order to react appropriately a system is now required that can be transmitted and operated via an IP-network.   

This is exactly the solution our remote radio station IC5062ROIP provides. It can run over long distances and needs only connection to the web and an IP address.

The remote radio station digitally operates in dPMR modus in accordance with established ETSI standards. All features are provided on the operating unit. The analog voice signals as well as the serial control are transmitted via the Radio over IP protocol. As an option, a variety with analog radio is also possible.  

The system utilizing a 19 inch technology can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure. In addition to stationary antenna systems, there are also emergency power supply and multichannel applications available.

The user interface of the remote operator station can be programmed in accordance to customer preference.

  • IP-based operation at a base station  
  • Replacement of analog dedicated lines
  • Several stationary units are controllable via one interface
  • Digital dPMR operation according to ETSI standard



A Radio Station – adapted to your individual demands

The operating unit of the fixed radio station is designed as a touch screen. Large and conclusive symbols and inscriptions allow intuitive operation. The vehicle’s current locations are displayed on a second monitor. All inputs are done by hand. The connection of a headset as well as operating the push-to-talk button by foot switch is possible.

Do you already use a central control unit?

No problem! - Remote IC 5062 offers numerous interfaces and is therefore a perfect match for your existing operating unit to realize the forefront of technology. Let us just talk about it.

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