Control Unit for R09 Radio Telegrams

Many different reasons can be responsible for the fact that a transmission system of a bus does not work. Generally this only becomes evident when the first problems already exist while the bus is leaving the depot. Then for example the reporting points are not taken into account, light signal systems are not pre-empted, the vehicle’s position cannot be transferred to the central office, etc. However in the meantime the vehicle is already in use and it is impossible to fix the error immediately.

Already when leaving the depot our TELE-TROLL enables the driver to control the transmission system by a visual indicator. Installed in the area of the exit our TELE-TROLL indicates the driver the functionality of the transmission system by an alternate flashing of a red and yellow light signal.

In most cases thus it becomes possible to fix the cause of trouble in the short term and proceed with the driving mode fully functional.  

The telegram applied to control can be set individually. 

  • Control of transmission systems of the public transport
  • 4 Visual indicator for the driver
  • Four configurable telegrams can be optically distinguished



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