• KARLA III ist der Lösungsfavorit für den Verkehrsverbund Vorarlberg

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  • MUNICH RELIES ON THE favorite of solution ILSE - The Radio Box

    "The task, in addition to the E1 approval also to meet and certify the railway standard (EN 50155 / EN 50121-3-2: 2006 / DIN 5510-2: 2009-05) has been successfully implemented by ORIT. Thus we only need one device that is used in all our buses and trains. " - Kurt Stern, head of traffic telematics - Stadtwerke München GmbH

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  • Siemens has listed us as a Favorite for service

    Radio silence in Mülheim successfully eliminated!

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  • ILSE is at üstra the favorite of solution

    Instead of installing a completely new infrastructure, with ILSE - The Radio Box from ORIT we had a very quick and individual for üstra adapted replacement solution for all buses.

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  • With IRIS PaderSprinter is equipped for the future

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  • Acceleration of the public transport with ILSE - The Radio Cassette 3

    OMNIPART Verkehrsdienstleistungen GmbH & Co. KG equips 400 buses with a trafic light pre-emption system.

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