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The Challange:

PaderSprinter is the brand name of the city bus system in Paderborn. Every year, PaderSprinter covers a distance of more than 4,6 million kilometres with nearly 100 vehicles on 28 lines.    

All vehicles have been initially equipped with an AEG TELECAR 10D radio packed with a load of specific features according to the needs of public transportation operators. These devices have been discontinued by the supplier for a long time. Also replacement devices are no longer available.

The favORITe of solution: AEG-ICOM Adapter IRIS-P

IRIS does not only supply numerous special features to PaderSprinter, but also allows to use the on-board existing cabling including the AEG TELECAR-specific connector. So a quasi „Plug&Play“ solution exists as a substitute, that has been adapted to the needs of PaderSprinter by ORIT.

The basis of this replacement device consists of a modern ICOM radio in connection with an AEG-ICOM Adapter IRIS-P. Transmit keying (press-to-talk-button) and channel switching with automatic registration and deregistration at the control center of “BahnBus Hochstift” have been implemented via external pushbuttons. It is automatically switched back to the operation channel.

An integrated microphone amplifier enables the adaptation to different microphones. The micro-controller in our adapter is responsible for the extensive tasks of controlling and channel switching. 

"Thanks to ORIT's device, we can react to failures and interferences for older radio systems more flexible and faster during operation.
Since there is no need to change the existing wiring the internal effort is small and our vehicles are quickly ready for use again. Having the opportunity to convert the devices to digital radio at a later time, that guarantees both a future-proof communication platform and therefore a high level of investment protection."

Bernhard Hengsbach
Head of Technology - PaderSprinter

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