The Integrated Board Information System (IBIS) is responsible for the control of passenger information systems (electronic scoreboards, automatic stop announcements, ticket stamping machine, etc.). In addition, the influence of traffic signals (traffic lights and signals) and barriers (bus) or deflectors (rail car) on the routes is controlled via the IBIS carriage bus. From the central control station information such as Position of the vehicle can be exchanged via the IBIS carriage bus. Therefor the information on possible deviations from the timetable is always available.

    Trouble-free operation is imperative and for commissioning and maintenance, as well as for the operation an effective analysis and monitoring of the data traffic on the IBIS carriage bus is absolutely necessary.

    With our systems, you get the opportunity to "listen" the IBIS data traffic and have an excellent analysis tool for maintenance purposes at the same time.

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