Using a traffic signal priority system is one of the most effective measures to accelerate the public transport. This makes it more attractive not only for passengers but also allows the public transport company to become more profitable based on the result of decreasing significantly the ongoing operational costs.

    According to public transport companies most of the problems are based on the requirement of a trouble-free operation of the sending system and additional the refitting of traffic signals when operating on the city’s expanded transit network. This is further aggravated by the high investment volume caused by the migration from analog to digital radio. As many public transport companies are not able to bear those investment costs such modernization measures cannot often be realized.

    ORIT offers you a smart migration into the future together with a high degree of investment protection. 

    Our systems enable you to detect malfunctions of your vehicle fleet already before leaving the company’s depot. For the extension of your city transit network we do have intelligent products that can be installed in each of the traffic light systems in order to retrofit and control them.

    Our mobile radio analyze system is an ideal service tool to test the receiving systems in the field and the sending systems during running operations all over and locally.

    All of this is possible without a necessity to renew the existing infrastructure!

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