• GESApp – Smart traffic light preemtion

    Acceleration of rescue and public transport vehicles with GESApp

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  • The R09 transmitter in micro format!

    KARLA III - R09 telegram transmitter for public transportation

    KARLA III enables cost-effective retrofitting in vehicles for traffic light pre-emption or is used to determine location in RBL system.

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    ILSE - The Radio Box / compatible with AEG Telecar 10, Bosch MR11 & Siemens FMK

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  • Mobile Telegram Transmission System


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  • Data Radio for Public Transport Services

    ILSE - The Radio Cassette 3

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  • Smart radio analysis


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    Increasing traffic volume and cost pressure are reasons to find best solutions to increase the efficiency of transport companies. This can only be achieved if the public transport for customer is even more attractive. More customer appeal means increasing convenience and shorter transport time. This can be done by traffic light pre-emption!

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