• Radio solutions in micro format

    KARLA III - VDV telegram transmitter

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  • GESApp - Smart traffic light preemtion

    The smartphone for acceleration of rescue and public transport vehicles with GESApp

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  • PIA - POCSAG Transmitter

    The compact POCSAG transmitter for Icom mobile radios

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  • System transceiver for public transport services

    ILSE - The Radio Box / compatible with AEG Telecar 10, Bosch MR11 & Siemens FMK

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  • Data radio for public transport services

    ILSE - The Radio Casette 3

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  • The stationary ROIP

    IC 5062

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  • AEG TELECAR adapter for ICOM


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  • The terminal for ICOM


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  • For ICOM IC F- 5062 & IC F-3062

    The option board for ICOM

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    ICOM and MERETEC - 2 powerful Partners.

    Analog radio is essential even in times of change to digital radio systems. One examples is the traffic light pre-emption and just also the existing infrastructure. By now TETRA and TETRAPOL are 15 year old standards and the implementation has proved to be very challenging in engineering and commercial terms. Against this background, we have developed our product line of analog radio systems.

    A special feature: Many of our devices are suitable for digital mobile radio according to ETSI!

    Specifically, you are able to migrate gently from analog to digital. This means you can transmit via digital radio while you are continuing to operate your analog radio for traffic light pre-emption. Due to the project nature for the most part of the radio systems business, we would like to give you only a small impression of our performance. 

    In many public transport companies radios like AEG TELECAR 9 and TELECAR 10 are still used even though they have been discontinued by the supplier for a long time. Radios as a replacement were previously difficult to use due to the fact that TELECAR devices provide many specific features which are usual for public transport.
    For this reason we have developed IRIS, a special adapter. This adapter meets several functions and tasks: first, to convert the incoming connector of the TELECAR radio to the ICOM radio by providing pin compatibility and second, all required sequence controls, an additional “Push-To-Transmit” switch, etc. are realized by an integrated processor. So together with the ICOM F5062 and the adapter you can replace the discontinued radio without having to modify the existing on-board wiring.

    In order to meet demands and expectations of public transport as well as the logistics sector we developed many products that become a homogeneous Portfolio. With our GPS module for ICOM radios, the option board, the data terminal OBUterm and also an individual firmware, written for your own needs we are able to serve your demands confidently.

    Call us and put our expertise to the test with your next project!


    Since the 80’s there is a relationship between the shareholders of Meretc and ICOM. As a result of working for many years numerous successful projects came out. 2010 MERETEC Technologies has been licensed for professional developers. This means that we have demonstrated the knowledge to be able to provide ICOM devices with our own firmware and add-in boards. You as a customer thus benefit both, from the experience of a world market leader for professional radios, as well as a public transport affine development team in Germany.

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    MERETEC Technologies GmbH
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