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    Remote switching, warning and status device -  cross-system integration

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    RADio Master, Client & Slave I/O for complex remote control applications

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    Interface to the DMR radio

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    ORIT offers excellent products and services for telematics solutions based on radio – customized and in line with the local situation.

    Telematics describes any kind of measuring, controlling und managing via remote control over stationary and mobile information networks. Often the data is read directly at measuring points by means of a sensor covering a great distance and reported to a central place via a data transmission system (telemetry or telemetering) where the data will be recorded and/or analyzed. The target of telematics systems is to improve productivity and efficiency of operational procedures, which can have a significant impact on a company’s cost savings. There are some special fields in which the use of telematics systems are preferred:

    Traffic, Fleet Management, Building Automation, Remote Control and E-Commerce.    

    Round about 20 years ago the first telematics systems came onto the market. Due to the high investment costs in general many companies were deterred from introducing telematics systems. But anyone who decided to use telematics systems do not want to miss the potential benefit very soon. Meanwhile flexible and cost effective solutions are available and both interesting for large organizations and smaller businesses.    

    Possible applications of remote control:

    • Management of supply networks (electricity, gas, water, district heating) as a part of network control technology
    • Monitoring and control of energy consumption (gas and energy meters)
    • Control of traffic infrastructure: traffic lights, street lighting, fixed automated spray technology systems
    • Remote control of building and operational facilities (heating, kitchenware, video, shutters)
    • Alert signaling (burglary, fire), emergency 

    The utilization of the existing infrastructure in connection with the use of digital Professional Mobile Radio offers unprecedented opportunities.

    Telematics solutions based on digital Professional Mobile Radio are ideal in particular it is about the argument of economic efficiency. On the one hand you save high costs as it is not necessary to install telephone lines or ISDN and avoid trouble if the data transmission via GSM/UMTS is unreliable due to overload. On the other hand you can use the already existing radio infrastructure effortlessly by using a special device application to integrate a custom-fit and powerful telematics system that precisely meets your operational needs.

    In many cases the radio telemetry furthermore is the ideal addition to the typical inductive sensor telemetry: When the measurement data is transferred over a large distance, on difficult measurement setup or if only a temporary system installation is necessary. These are typical conditions indicating the remote control, too – this means the transmission of data signals for the purpose of measuring, controlling and multiplexing in facilities respectively between remote base stations. The term ‘remote control’ is often used as a synonym of telemetry, whereby telemetry encompasses remote measuring.  

    Using the remote indicator measurement data can be centrally displayed, compared with limits and then processed via telemetry. Remote control enables the headquarter to adjust the parameter of the branch and to initiate a function at the branch via remote switching.

    Such services are technological characterized by a certain kind of requirements relating to devices and transmission paths which assure an exclusive private mobile radio fully reliable:

    Low failure probability, low bit error frequency, rapid data transmission and special measures for security and data protection.  

    Telematics will let your dreams come true on the one hand and on the other hand it makes already applied functions easier to use and to operate. However, for each operation it is necessary to identify the right solution and adapt it to today’s individual requirements.

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