• RADio TETRA SDS Manager

    Remote Switching, Warning Device and Status Signal with optional temperature monitoring via TETRA radio

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  • ANDREA analogue radio - TETRA coupler

    Integrating the analogue radio into a TETRA system

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  • ILSE - The Radio Box - TETRA

    System radio for public transport services

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    Public safety, utilities, industry and public transport are among the customers who have expanded the use of the TETRA system with our applications!

    Many costumers use the TETRA radio purely for Voice Radio. However, TETRA offers much more than that. It provides a lot of potential for savings for the operator by means of multiple time slots and the control channel. Using an existing infrastructure, solutions are possible which are only feasible by immense additional investment implementing them with conventional technologies.

    Meretec is a certificated application, system and trading partner of various manufacturers.

    Whether in the migration of analogue to digital radio, monitoring & control of systems, barriers, doors, pumps, temperatures, etc., up to gateways for building automation or radio alarm systems - our TETRA applications and customer-specific developments offers added value in every TETRA infrastructure.
    For public transportation services, we offer special system radios, which have integrated any required OEM radio. This simplifies the programming of the devices with the often used toolchain of the radio manufacturers.

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